The Meeting of Young Researchers in Structural Computational Biology (EJIBCE 2017) aims at bringing together the Portuguese scientific community working in the field in a free-of-charge meeting, to provide a forum for discussion and sharing with no strings attached. This third edition builds on the success of previous editions in Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra and Oeiras, which gathered ca. 60 participants and had over 10 oral communications in each edition.


Given the current economic situation in Europe, and particulaly in Portugal, it is increasingly harder to obtain funding and have an optimistic approach to science and collaborations. Besides, the recent austerity measures put in place by the Portuguese government led many researchers to join groups and institutes abroad, and eventually lose touch with the Portuguese scientific community and developments.

After obtaining a doctoral degree or finishing a postdoctoral appointment, many Portuguese scientists abroad look back to their country looking for an opportunity to continue their careers and contribute to the development of Portuguese science. Others wish to remain abroad, but at the same time reach out to the Portuguese community and cultivate stronger ties to its researchers. However, what groups are there on Computational Structural Biology? What do they actually focus on? Are they open to collaborations?

This meeting was created in order to answer these and other similar questions. Its main goal is to provide a simple no-frills environment where Portuguese researchers in Computational Structural Biology, active both in Portugal and abroad, can meet and get to know each other’s research and ambitions. Ultimately, we hope that in doing so, we will be able to stimulate new collaborations and broaden the horizons of the Portuguese community of Computational Structural Biologists.


EJIBCE 2017 builds up on the format of previous editions, focusing on a small number of oral communications interspersed with several breaks to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas. Throughout the day, 11 researchers will present their results. Seven will be selected from the submitted abstracts by the Scientific Committee, based on the quality and originality of the work, and will be given 15 minutes to speak, followed by a short discussion. The remaining 4 oral communications will be delivered by invited keynotes, who will be given 30 minutes to speak plus 10 for discussion. The program is available as a Google Calendar [Here].

This workshop is associated to the MOL2NET-03 International Conference Series on Multidisciplinary Sciences. This is a year-round conference series with multiple associated workshops worldwide (online and in person). In fact, This year’s edition will run both, in person at University of Coimbra Physic’s Department and online at the web platform SciForum maintained by the editorial MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. It means that, after publication of all papers of all the workshops associated to the conference we shall open the online platform and the authors of general sections and all workshops will be able to post online comments and/or answers to comments in this workshop/section and also in the other general sections and/or workshops.