Irina Moreira



2008: PhD in Chemistry, Science Faculty, Oporto University, Portugal.

2003: Grad. Diploma in Biochemistry, Science Faculty, Oporto University, Portugal.


2020 [expected]: PhD in Computer Science (currently enrolled in the 1st curricular year), Oporto University, Portugal.

2018 [expected]: Master in Mathematical Engineering (99 out of 120 ECTs concluded), Oporto University, Portugal.


2015-present: Group Leader (PI, Assistant Professor level) of the Data-Driven Molecular design Lab at Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC), University of Coimbra, Portugal; position awarded under the highly competitive international programme FCT-Investigator for outstanding researchers.

2016-2018: Sabbatical leave at Utrecht University, Netherlands, in A. Bonvin’s Lab, under a H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship.

2009-2014: Associate Researcher (Assistant Professor level), Science Faculty, Oporto University, Portugal; position awarded under FCT’s international programme “Investigator Ciência 2008” for attracting excellent researchers to Portugal.

2008-2009: Postdoctoral Researcher at Weill Cornell Medical College, NYC, USA; Supervisor: Harel Weinstein.


2016-present: H2020 – Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF(EF))

2015: FCT Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship – Declined in favour of the FCT-Investigator position.

2003-2007: FCT Individual PhD Fellowship – To support the PhD in Chemistry at Oporto University.


Graduate programs

2017:  Head Lecturer ‒ Computational Biochemistry course of the BEB PhD programme at CNC, Portugal.

Master programs

2015-present: Invited lecturer ‒ Cell Regulation Class of the Cellular Molecular Biology/Neurasmus Joint Master Program, University of Coimbra, Portugal.

2010-2013: Invited lecturer ‒ Biochemistry Classe of Biotechnology Master, Science Faculty and Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal.

2010-2011: Professor, Bioinformatics Course, Oporto University, Portugal.

2010: Lecturer at the European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling, Oporto University, Portugal.

Undergraduate programs

2010-2011: Professor, Computational Biological Chemistry Course, Oporto University, Portugal


2018: Lecturer at the Infection Workshop, CNC, Coimbra, Portugal.

2015-2017: Lecturer at the annual Summer School in Computational Biology, Coimbra, Portugal.

2016: Lecturer at R: Hands-ON Workshop, CNC, Coimbra, Portugal.

2006-2014: Various teaching activities to promote computational chemistry for Secondary School.


2013-present: Organizing committed of EJIBCE – “Encounter of Young investigators in Computational and Structural Biology”, Portugal (organization of 4 out the 5 editions).

2016-present: Scientific Committee of MOL2NET, International Conference of Multidisciplinary Sciences.


2017-present: Guest Editor, Current Topics of Medicinal Chemistry issue: “Modulation of Protein-protein Interactions for Development of Effective Therapeutics – from a Joint Perspective of Experiment and Computation”.

2017-present: Guest Editor, Molecules issue: “GPCR Mechanism and Drug Design”.


2008: Luso-American Foundation Network Grant (FLAD) – To support the postdoctoral research at the Weill Cornell Medical College.

2003: Eng. António de Almeida’s Prize – For the top-ranking student in the Biochemistry Degree.

1998: Excellence Prize – For the top-ranking student in the Secondary School.


2014: Committee for Professional Opportunities for Women Travel Award – Biophysical Society Meeting, San Francisco, USA.

2006: MGMS Registration Fellowship – Quantum Pharmacology – 30 years on, Oxford, UK.

2006: NBCR Summer Institute Travel and Registration Fellowship – NBCR Summer Institute: Cyberinfrastructure & Multiscale Modeling Approaches”, La Jolla, California.

2006: Marie Curie Travel and Registration Fellowship – CCP5 and Marie Curie Actions: Methods in Molecular Simulation Summer School 2006”, University of Cardiff, Wales.

2006: Italian Physical Society Scholarship – International School of Physics “E. Fermi”, “Protein Folding and Drug Design”, Varenna, Italy.

2006: EMBO Fellowship – “Biomolecular simulation – an EMBO course”, Paris, France.


44 SCI-indexed publications publications: 34 original research papers, 7 reviews, 3 book chapters; Other publications include 7 MOL2NET conference proceedings’ papers, and 3 additional book chapters. Altogether, from the 54 already available publications on total (SCI-indexed,other books chapters, conference proceedings) :

  • 19 publications as first author (incl. 4 book chapters, one of which SCI-Indexed)
  • 19 publications as senior (last) author (of which, 2 as sole author and 7 as conference proceedings)
  • 83% of last author papers in Q1 journals (68% overall in Q1 journals).
  • 75% publications without the PhD-thesis supervisors (including chapters and conference proceedings)
  • h-index: 16 (WS[1])– 17 (GS[1])
  • i-10 index: 20 (WS[1])– 25 (GS[1])
  • citations: 1299 (WS[1])– 1844 (GS[1])
  • 2 featuring IF = 16.1 and 9.8.

[1] WS = Web-of-Science; GS = Google Scholar.